My top books review for 2017

Need some ideas for your next books to read? Here is my top books review for 2017.

As I have a daily commute of 40’ each way to work, I decided to spend this time wisely and re-discover the pleasure of reading. When I was younger I used to read much more, then I was too busy with college and study. Bear in mind some of these books were not published recently. However, I decided to start with what I had at home, before buying new books.

Let’s get started with my favourite books from 2017…

Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts: this is a very long (1174 pages) but flowing and entertaining book. It is the novel of a prisoner and drug dealer who escapes the prison in Australia and ends up in India, where his life faces different adventures and experiences. He visits the country with his beloved friend Prabaker and gets the name Shantaram, meaning “the man of peace”. He opens a free clinic in the slum where he lives, he goes to prison again, then gets saved and involved closely with the local mafia. I loved this book because it contains a bit of everything: adventures, psychology, love, travel, the perfect description of India and an interior development of the main character.Shantaram - books review

I really recommend it to everyone who wants to get involved in a strong story, a life explorer and an India lover.

Two by two, by Nicholas Sparks: this book has a different style from typical Spark’s book as it’s not a love story between two adults; it’s the unconditional love between a father, Russ, and his daughter London. It’s the novel of a man that thinks to have everything: a good job, a big house, a nice wife and an adorable kid. Suddenly things start to change, and he finds himself raising a kid alone with all the difficulties of a divorce. However, with the support of his loved ones, he finds out skills and inner strength that he wasn’t even aware to possess. two by two books review

I really loved this book and I found it very engaging. Russ is admirable, even if sometimes I really wanted him to speak up himself and not let his wife be so mean. I didn’t like Vivian, I think she has a horrible temper. Marge and Liz were adorable and great people to have around.

“Remember that family — unlike most of those people you might meet in life — will always be around.”

I would suggest this book to everyone looking for a strong example of love. Two by Two Nicholas Sparks

Sulla strada giusta, Francesco Grandis. Sorry English readers, this book is actually only in Italian, but it means “On the right path”. It’s the story of a guy working as an engineer that decides to quit his job during the European debt crisis and leaves on a journey, in search of his interior happiness. He departs for a world tour and describes his experiences abroad, his feelings and emotions. It’s a very engaging book, it flows really well and its easy to read it very quickly.

I really suggest it to everyone who is currently in a life or job crisis and needs some external inspiration. Honestly it is so captivating that leads you to a lot of reflections as well. strada giusta. I also suggest to read the author websitesulla strada giusta books review

House of spirits, by Isabel Allende. I love this author and her novel is a fabulous family saga based in South America. It’s the fantastic twist of stories of Clara with magic powers like dream reading, clairvoyance and telekinesis: her violent husband Esteban Trueba; their kids Blanca, Jaime and Nicolas and all the other characters which take part in this fantastic book. It’s very interesting because it also describes really well the historical situation in Chile and the conditions of poverty and war in which some people had to live.

I advise this book to someone who wants an easy and flowing reading, with lot of fascinating and captivating stories, stream of consciousness from different characters perspective. Amazon/House of spiritsHouse of spirits books review

And the mountains echoed, by Khaled Hosseini. From the same author of “A thousand splendid suns” and “The kite-runner”, this is another story full of love, emotions and history. Abdullah and Pari are very close and with a strong sibling bond. One day, though, their paths will be divided for a long time. The book then sees the crossings of different generations and places: Greece, San Francisco, Greek Island and analyses feelings and emotions that make us humans.

This is a fantastic book, challenging and inspiring. Some parts are really sad and tough to read but overall is amazing. I suggest to everyone who wants to have a good reading with a deep analysis of characters. Amazon/ Mountains echoedmountains books review

Portrait in Sepia, by Isabel Allende. Part of the family saga described by the author also in other books, is the story of Aurora del Valle’s infancy and family members. It is the story-line of Aurora and her biological parents, her research of the past, her passion of photography and her adventures, all told with the Allende way. I read this book in a week because it is very flowing, entertaining and enjoyable.

I recommend the book to everyone who wants to have an entertaining but at the same time deep and interesting reading. The author is amazing and it’s a book for everyone! Amazon/Portrait in sepia

Portrait Books reviewGoodnight stories for rebel girls, Elena Favilli Francesca Cavallo. This is a different book, this is a book for everyone every age. It is a collection of 100 stories of extraordinary women from all over the world. 70 ladies from all the countries illustrated this book. It is a fascinating and interesting book, I loved it. There is so much to learn by reading the stories and it is a fantastic book for goodnight stories, if you have kids. Stories are all one page long like a fairy-tale.

I suggest this book to everyone! it is a must have! Amazon/Goodnight stories for rebel girls

Goodnight books review

Have you read any of these?

Let me know your impressions about these books and what are your recommendations for the best books!

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Hope you enjoyed

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