January: food, shows and an Irish wedding!

January and February are usually the most depressing months of the year, especially here in the UK. The weather is usually pretty rainy, grey and cold. The British have this tradition of “Dry January” which means they give up alcohol for a month, thing that makes them very nervous. However, besides the common negative thoughts of January, this past month hasn’t been bad at all.

I organised many things with my friends to face together the January challenge. Guess what? Once again, team work makes the dream works. Yay! Let’s begin then!


I am happy cause I am such an explorer of the place where I am that I always want to try something new, so I spend ages researching restaurants, bars and coffee shops. This January I discovered some new places and I love them all.

On a girls catch up week-night we went to Manitoba Tigella close to Tottenham Court. We all had some fantastic Spritz and we shared a board of ham, cheese and fried gnocchi. Totally delicious!! They also do happy hour until 8 where you have a drink and buffet all included at the price of 10£. Super good deal! January manitoba

Another Friday we were craving for sushi and we tried two different restaurants: one is Rokkon in Chiswick, the other one is Stick and Sushi in Covent Garden. The first experience was an authentic Japanese food served in a cosy, super tiny (just two tables) and simple restaurant just down Chiswick high street. The staff was really nice and the quality of food was very good. Rokkon January

Last Friday I tried Stick and Sushi in Covent Garden. This place is a vibrant location in the city centre, perfect to impress your guests. The atmosphere is great, the place is quite big spread out in two floors. We shared a big board of sushi with different options and I was super satisfied. Quality was supreme and staff very nice and helpful. Definitely recommend it Stick and sushi january

On a Sunday afternoon we wanted to discover the trendy Elan Café in Kensington. This is the cutest coffee bar in town, super trendy and all covered with roses and pink flowers. Super Instagram friendly, paradise for bloggers. I recommend trying the cakes, I had an amazing raspberry tart that was a dream. Cappuccino wasn’t too good (I am Italian I am demanding) but It had a cute shape on the foam that I loved. Elan cafe januaryElan Cafe January


I was invited to my first Irish wedding which was a super intense and nice experience for this January. The bride was my boyfriend’s cousin Mary and she got married in Clones, County Monaghan, which is a tiny town close to the Northern Ireland border. I did one of my full immersion weekend and I flew to Dublin on Friday night, got picked up by my boyfriend and I flew back to London on Sunday night. I followed the Irish tradition to get hair and makeup done with the ladies. They use a big thick layer of makeup that I am not used at all (I am very easy and simple) but it was all part of the experience, so I decided to give it a try. Irish wedding January

The sequence of events was pretty standard: ceremony in church and reception at the hotel where Mary is a wedding planner. After a couple of hours dinner was served around 530 in a big hall and all the speeches followed. The party continued the whole night until around 5 am in the morning. It was a nice experience; the Irish are welcoming people and even if I was the only foreign I felt part of this lovely family. January irish weddingJanuary venue


After years of dreaming it, my dream became true this January and I went to Cirque du Soleil! The team who performed was OVO, and yes there was an egg. It was so amazing and magic that I didn’t want it to finish. The acrobats were so good and perfect, and the story was hilarious. I loved it! The adrenaline was intense, and the choreography was brilliant and so were the costumes! Really recommend it to every age as it’s something that they don’t do it worldwide. Last but not least: the location! The Royal Albert Hall was absolutely class and it was the first time for me. I loved the circular shape, nice, tall, huge, purple. What a beautiful experience Royal Albert Hall January

Another fun activity that I did was going to the Christie’s late night in Mayfair. I participated to the workshop with the sounds of the earth and then I wondered around admiring the collection. It is such a nice place! The event was free and it is once a month. I recommend going if you can

Christie January


January hasn’t only been tasting new food and going to crazy Irish weddings and shows, It was also a little success for my blog!! I wrote my first guest post as a special guest for a famous Italian travel blog called Mi prendo e mi porto via. You can find my article in Italian on their website here: the perfect Croatia tour. The English (and longer version) is here.

I am working on other projects so stay tuned with me!

How was your January? Did you cope? Share your stories below in the comments 🙂

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