Best Christmas lights in London

Best Christmas lights in the world, glitters everywhere, amazing shop windows in the street, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I really love this song and it describes exactly how is London right now! It is definitely the best part of the year. I just truly love the decorations, the Christmas lights and the trees. They must put so much effort to make them so pretty! It feels so magical!
About a Sunday ago, I went to do a big walk around the very central area of London. I spent literally 3 hours wandering around and just breathing the amazing Christmas atmosphere.
The first stop was Fortnum and Mason, the historical upmarket department store in Piccadilly.

Fortnum and Mason shop window Christmas lights

Everything was just beautiful: from the fantastic shop windows, all with different themes, to the different floors inside. I was completely enchanted by the central stairs with all the leaves, fake snow and I loved the Christmas shop with all the decorations, ginger biscuits and Christmas tree balls. Christmas lights FM

Fortnum and Mason Christmas lightsAfter a few stops in Regent Street, I changed direction and walked to Carnaby where the vibe was more carnival style and super colourful. I love Carnaby street: first of all, it is a traffic free road, this makes it is such a colourful area with great and cool shops. It Is so cool! Look at those funky decorations with colourful birds, glittery flag, confetti and flowers. Isn’t it such an original idea? I think it is a brilliant interpretation of Christmas.
Christmas lights Carnaby Street
I then arrived at John Lewis where I completely got lost choosing the best Christmas tree ball from a rainbow wall full of them. It was literally breath-taking. There was ginger and cinnamon smell all around the shop. Those hampers with cinnamon and ginger flavours are just adorable. They smell so good and so intense!
Christmas lights John Lewis

Christmas balls John Lewis

My tour progressed towards Debenhams and Selfridges. Debenhams was all pinkie with gorgeous confetti all around in the ceiling and glittery decorated windows. It felt like being in a princess world or in a baby world. My favourite window was this one below with this glittery silver shoe like Cinderella!
Cinderella shoe Debenhams
Selfridges was awesome as always. The lights from outside make it look like a castle and the feeling is the same when you go inside. I loved watching everyone rushing around with those huge yellow bags full of gifts for their beloved ones.The decorations at Selfridges are amazing too: giant silver and gold Christmas balls going up and down along the escalators, with glitter and lights everywhere.

Selfridges shop window

Selfridges christmas lights

Another day I had the pleasure to go to Christmas at Kew (Read more here) and it was literally amazing. I really recommend it to everyone: couples, kids, families and friends. You will be enchanted by singing trees, choir of lights, decorations and music everywhere. It is so much fun and everything is super well designed! I don’t want to ruin the surprises so I won’t tell you more, but it was a magic evening and it is worth spending a night there! Christmas lights Kew Garden

Christmas lights Kew

Christmas lights
This pic was taken by Maria Valesi

Oh, I love this period of the year so much. Are you you fan of Christmas lights too? What is your favorite Christmas decoration in London? Wondering what to do in London during this festive period? click here

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