The beginning of a journey

“Every journey begins always with the first step”


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog “Little Miss Spaghetti”. This is the very first post of my blog and I’d like to tell you a bit more about it.

I decided to open this blog to share my adventures abroad, specifically here in London, providing tips and tricks for those already living or considering to move here, but also for people visiting London as tourists. Since I moved here, I explored this city day by day discovering as much as possible and trying different pubs, locals, cafe and restaurants, but also nice shops, boutiques, bookshop and co. I am always happy to visit some new places and visiting something different, so I will talk about all of this in my London section.


In this blog I’d also like to share my other passions and interests so I will talk to you about food, lifestyle and travel.

As I am 100% Italian, food is a big part of my tradition that I like to keep (and share) even if I leave abroad. This blog takes the name from one of the many nicknames that my boyfriend Sean created for me. One of this is Miss Spaghetti and because I am skinny I came up with Little Miss Spaghetti. In this Food section you will find food recipes, suggestions and inspiration.

In the lifestyle category you will find general thoughts about life, work, fitness, mind-balance etc. It is a varied sector filled basically with what comes to my mind.

The travel section talks about recent trips, suggestions, tours and will share my adventures around Europe and the world.


Please feel free to leave your comment and opinion and I will be happy to reply




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