The achievable 2018 resolution

It’s that time of the year for writing resolution and goals! I am here to try giving you some tips and inspiration for a successful year. Are you ready? Let’s kick – off then!

First, my word for 2018 is “quality” which will be the frame of my resolution and goals and I will ask you to find a word yourself too for this year. This is a project launched by other bloggers that I follow, and they are: Chiara of Machedavvero, Elisa and Luca of Miprendoemiportovia, Manuela of Pensierinviaggio, Paola of Pinkdumpling, Miljian family of Likemiljian.

The first point of my resolution is to focus on having quality relationships. With that I mean having constructive and positive friendships, giving up bad influencing and negative ones. Year by year I realised which are the people who really count, and who is worth investing time and effort in. Those people have a value for me, therefore I consider them quality relationships.

resolution quality time

Secondly, I want for my resolution a quality time. How many hours do we spend on our smartphones or in front of computers? I spend way too much time and for which purpose? Non-existent. There are so many things out there to do instead of swiping Instagram or Twitter for hours, looking for likes that won’t make our happiness or our satisfaction last.

Let’s meet and hang out more, let’s be informed participating in conferences and events or by watching more documentaries instead of TV series. Do you commute? Read more instead of playing with your phone. Click here for books inspiration.

Let’s eat quality food. Avoid big chains or junk food. Feed your body with healthy and nutritious ingredients and try to purchase fresh ingredients from farmers or Km 0. Cook and bring your lunch to work!

resolution food

As quality is not quantity, part of the resolution is decluttering and deleting anything that doesn’t have value for you. Get more minimalist and keep only what you need. There are plenty of charities out there that need that red jumper that you haven’t used for ages, or those boots that you only used ones. Decluttering and having a quality space at home is essential for having also order in your mind.

Another important point in my resolution is: do something new. For instance, try a new sport! Last year I discovered Barre, a mixture of ballet, yoga, stretching and Pilates and I totally found in love with it and with the firm that manages it (Info here). Travel somewhere you haven’t been yet! There are so many places in this world to visit and you can travel for cheap and visit a new place. Lonely Planet created the best 2018 places list. Get inspired there! Soon on my blog other tips as well. resolution travel

Learn new skills, do a cooking course or join a reading club. Widen your network, increase your capabilities, do something cool, do something different.

If you don’t like your job, change it. If you hate the place where you live, move away. We only live once, let’s be happy. There will be times in which we struggle, in which everything goes wrong but if we can control it, let’s do it. A fantastic method for staying happy is the weekly journal of happiness.I found one in a shop in Spitafield but you can buy it online here. resolution happiness

These are my recommendations for this 2018; let’s make it memorable, let’s make it meaningful. What’s in your resolution? What are your goals?

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